The 2015 Roofing convention

The solar industry is taking on a form of its own. They are not with the roofing industry and they will be the root cause of a great deal of repair work. Gaf is recommending all roofing contractors prepare to work with Solar companies. Solar is more of a Wall St play as they prepare to bundle SREC’s and create a new financial instrument for trading.

Insurance is a problem and an opportunity for Wall St.if they actually participated in risk management someone will make a fortune. The fact is the entire industry is seriously under insured. More and more companies are calling their workers subcontractors.
Two reasons for this:
1. Hard working illegal immigrants that can work legally as independents.
2. Insurance industry completely out of touch and lazy.

GAF finally admits that Asphalt formulations have been a problem.

Asphalt is on it way out as a waterproofing agent

Venting is a consideration causing many problems all over the country yet the science of venting is rarely Known.

The NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) has fallen short for all roofing contractors. The NRCA is losing its punch and way too expensive.

The attendance of the @roofingexpo was dominated by sales companies and Hail Storm chasers that strictly sell hard and subcontract.

The newest addition to the aisles were software companies and big Lead generation companies.

SEO might as well be a type of roofing because it is a major topic of discussion.

The internet is the driver of most sales.

Innovation is scarce in the roofing industry.

It was not the same old roofing convention as JM , Certainteed and GAF try to provide non traditional services for roofing contractors mainly because the NRCA has failed.

The biggest worry for the roofing industry should be Homeadvisor , Houzz, and others online services as they try to steer leads only to those contractors that pay them. Think of them as companies that steal your brand and make it their own.

There should be serious concerns since home ownership continues to dwindle and student loans strangle investment in the home.

TPO was the biggest conference with a complete confusion over which is the proper formulation. TPO will be the focus of a major class action suit since MOLD is showing up under roofs that are NOT leaking.

Another crisis in roofing is training.

Consolidation of suppliers is a red flag as service and quality of materials falters.

Solar bracket companies were plentiful at the show but none of them followed good roofing practice.

The industry is spinning out of control.

Everyone wants to be a REALROOFER

roofers learning

roofing expo in New Orleans Louisiana

A Former College athlete and Roofer has invented a new device for tearing off cedar shakes. For years roofers have had a difficult time removing tediously the hand nailed artistry of prior roofers. As painful as it may be to remove another mans handicraft it must be done when the system is failing.

Cedar Shake Expert 732-995-3914

Former college athlete invents the perfect tool for Cedar Shake roof replacement

On the road in New Orleans far from the fast balls this young man has boot strapped his company by doing roofing work. You as a roofer should support his innovation by purchasing one of these handmade tools and make your life easier. Real Roofer has purchased and we are happy with the tool.

Cedar ripper Cedar Shakes

Experts use the right tools for Cedar Shingle tear-off and install @realroofer

For the best Cedar shingle siding or Cedar shingle roofing call 732-995-3914 Mark Nejmeh

So now lets talk about what is important with Cedar Shakes Installation. This product must be installed by a professional. The product is scarce and if installed properly the material itself will maintain strong value. It comes mainly from the West Coast so east Coast installs are carrying a pretty heavy transportation cost on top of the material cost.

Most roofers need very experienced woodworker on the crew because remember this is a wood product. Siding and roofing have different skills and should not be undertaken by just the average roofer and Siding person.

The key elements to consider is the design of the roof. Copper valleys and flashing should not be used with cedar as the cedar will eventually eat away at the copper. Stainless Steel or Terne metal is a much better choice or even Lead coated copper.

For the best install call a competent roofer that has good reviews in this type of work.

February 26, 2015 New Orleans:

Sometimes you get to play with the big boys. Sometimes you become the old wise roofer and you get to be looked up to. The International roofing expo was a great chance to get a birds eye view of your peers and for me an opportunity to share and perhaps mentor. Like other industries that are traditional small business industries the roofing industry can be a great place where you can support a family if you put in enough effort. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) has shown a concern for the image of the industry. Worried that the image of what a roofer “is” could be in jeopardy, they have begun to create a campaign to inform more potential roofers of a profile that fits.

Earlier today when speaking with Bill Good President and Chairman of The NRCA we discussed how roofers tend to be either athletes or outdoors people. Here is an example of some new people that are in the New roofing industry.

I randomly had the opportunity to meet Juan and Phil partners in
a roofing business. Two former College Basketball Stars who become good friends that they can trust on the court and that they can count on in the Board Room. Here is what they had to say. Needless to say I believe in their future. I believe in their teamwork.

“Juan Merino at 6’9, is from Medellin, Colombia and after playing for the Colombian National basketball team came to the USA in 1995 to play high school basketball in Wilmington, Delaware.
Phil Graham at 7’1, is from Manchester, England and after playing for the English National team and came to the USA in 1996 to play high school basketball in Hazard, Kentucky.
We met at Martin Methodist College in Pulaski, TN in 1998 where we both played the center position, playing for the same position was something that could easily had caused tension between us if we had looked at it from a selfish viewpoint. However, we challenged each other day after day on the basketball court, strengthening our friendship and improving our basketball skills. We learned to trust and hold each other accountable for our actions.

CEG Roofing

Two team mates from the CEG roofing team Dalton, Georgia

We both completed our bachelor degrees in Business Administration in 2001 (Juan) and 2002 (Phil)
After leaving college our friendship continued to flourish and Phil asked me to be the best man at his wedding in 2002.

Our career paths took us in different directions; Phil moved to Dalton, GA with his wife and shortly after started a family. He worked in the property investment industry for years and after 2008 started to work as a general contractor and then specialized in roofing in 2011.

Juan moved to Indianapolis and worked as an operations manager for a distribution company and then moved to multiple cities around the world (Seattle, WA/ Fresno, CA/ Shimonosaki, Japan/ Durham, England/ Medellin, Colombia) before Phil asked him to join his business in 2013.

Phil was looking for a business partner who would not only matched his hard work ethics and enthusiasm, but also someone that he could trust.
Utilizing our past experience in the basketball court we can now use these set of skills to develop a strong business. Our goal is to strengthen our presence in our local region and continue to grow our business. We are a young business and our focus is to have good procedures in place so we can provide a great service to our customers.”

I have a feeling that these two men will be the leaders of the roofing industry or much more

Well I already know the answer to that question. I have been very different since being a kid. I can assure you that I do not think like you do. My style is “by the hip” and because of this I meet so many amazing people.

Once I met a girl, it was just after returning from a summer of a Job Creation political action tour across the USA . I was riding the Path Train and I was not in the best mood. I sat next to this young woman about 27 years old . She was tiny and quite warm with an open heart.

I looked over at her and saw she was reading one of those self help books about positive thinking. I was utterly appalled. I felt it was the most stupid subject matter I had ever heard of. I asked her why she would read such garbage. She looked up at me and said why would I ask. Her smile was so welcoming and before long we were trading email addresses. Her stop was soon near and she began to prepare her depart. I never knew her mother was sitting just across the way until I saw the mother grab one of her bags for her. She slid through the crowded cab and smiled back and told me to write to her. Over the next few weeks a few things happened. One, I soon found that she was friends with another random friend I made 50 miles away. Second, she told me that at 25 years old she had a massive stroke while working in finance in Germany for a Wall St Company. She had lost everything that a young woman could ever want. She had been engaged, she had wealth , and she had success. She lost it all. I had not talked to her for a few years now but I always remember how she changed my negative attitude one day into a positive one.

Today she wrote to me . She had written a book. Here is the link to the website.


I probably still do not believe most of what she believes but I can tell you that she changed me for the better one afternoon.

Thanks for using me as a roofer.

Recently many of you have seen on television the advertisement for joining a class action suit against GAF building materials.

The suit is relative to cracking in the Timberline shingles.

The true suit should probably go against all manufacturers of the roofing materials that are currently being installed throughout the USA. These material are placed on homes, schools, offices, and we all wish for new manufacturing plants but there probably will not be too much of that ahead in the future. American made is the nature of 99% of all roofing materials. When I started as a roofer I recall how the performance of the roof was always related to to whether or not the roofers were trained and had the desire to do the right job. I recall being 17 and working for Conte Roofing out of Saddle Brook, NJ. We were just replacing flashing materials on the walls of a commercial property, it was myself and a few roofers over 40. We would cut the height of the flashing and set it up the wall with hot tar. The point is the next day there was a leak, the crew blamed me and I was devastated. I always wanted to do the job right. I was making $8.00 per hour back in 1980 when that happened. I knew back then that all I had to do is do the job right and the materials would hold up. In the case of that leak years ago I stand by my word that I did not work in that area of the leak but that was 33 years ago so I guess it does not matter.

First Day Roofing

My point is that at least back then we could count on the materials, today that is not the case.

Today materials are substandard and in my opinion so is the work ethic in America on the roof. I doubt if there are too many young roofers that actually care especially with governments promising their futures in comparison with the $15 McDonald’s employees.

Here is what is publicized:

In re: Building Materials Corp. of America Asphalt Roofing Shingle Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 8:11-mn-02000 (D.S.C.)

If You Own Property With GAF Timberline® Roofing Shingles Made Between 1998 and 2009, then you might be a Class Member in the above referenced lawsuit. A proposed settlement of this class action has been preliminarily approved. IF YOU ARE A CLASS MEMBER, THE PROPOSED SETTLEMENT WILL AFFECT YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS.

Settlements have been reached with Building Materials Corporation of America (known as GAF Materials Corp.) (“GAF”) involving Timberline® roofing shingles (“Shingles”). The lawsuits claim a defect that might cause the roofing Shingles to prematurely crack, split or tear. GAF claims that the Shingles were not defective and that GAF’s warranty appropriately covers any problems.

The Settlements include two Classes covering Shingles made: (1) between 1999 and 2007 at GAF’s plant in Mobile, Alabama and (2) between 1998 and 2009 at other GAF manufacturing plants.

You may be included if you own any property in the United States with Timberline® Shingles made during the relevant time periods.

The benefits you may be eligible to receive are based on: (1) the location of your property, (2) where your Shingles were made, (3) the date your Shingles were installed and the date on which you make a claim, (4) the type and extent of damage to your Shingles, and (5) the size of your roof.

You may be eligible to receive: (1) replacement shingles (comparable to the Shingles installed) and/or (2) a cash payment. The Settlements will not reduce the benefits you may be entitled to under any existing GAF warranty.

The attorneys representing the Classes are asking the Court for attorneys’ fees (up to $6,890,000 in total) and costs and expenses (up to $1,115,000 in total). Counsel will also request an incentive payment for the Class Representatives. The payment of costs and expenses, and the incentive awards, will be paid by GAF and will not reduce the benefits under the Settlements.

The attorneys representing the Class covering Shingles made in Mobile are also asking for a portion of the additional benefits going to Class Members with property outside South Carolina. These fees will not be paid by GAF and would in these instances reduce a percentage of the enhanced benefits to some Class Members.

If you do not want to be legally bound by the settlement, you may opt out of the settlement by sending a request for exclusion form to the address noted in question 15 of the Long Form Detailed Notice postmarked no later than March 16, 2015. If you exclude yourself from the settlement, you will not receive any money or other benefits from the settlement. If you stay in the settlement (i.e. do not exclude yourself from the settlement), you may object to the settlement by explaining in writing why you do not like the settlement postmarked no later than March 16, 2015 to the addresses noted in question 19 of the Long Form Detailed Notice. If you do nothing (i.e. submit no claim or request for exclusion) you will not receive any benefits from the settlement but will nevertheless be bound by the settlement. All Settlement Class Members who do not exclude themselves will be bound by any judgment approving the settlement and will give up any right to sue GAF for any known or unknown claims relating to Timberline® roofing shingles.
This website is authorized by the Court, supervised by counsel for the parties, and controlled by Heffler Claims Group, a third party claims administrator. This is the only authorized website for this Lawsuit.

For more information, please call toll free (866) 759-6518.



I told you I am an old roofer many times before. I am just now after 35 years beginning to figure out why I am a roofer. Yes I am driven and I am good at what I do. In search of a reason for being on the roof all this time I recognize that all I ever wanted is respect. I think most of the people up on the roof are looking for respect as well. People say I am crazy as a loon, cause i get up on the roof and find peace. You know I ain’t asking nobody for nothing, I cannot get on my own, except what I am about to tell you.


Nobody can give themselves one thing, a little respect

This is a true story no one’s name has been changed to protect the guilty. This is the behavior quite standard in the construction industry. Take note of this or pay the price.

Location: Allied Building Products route 17 East Rutherford NJ, 12:00 pm January ?, 2014.

Task :Pick -up 1 can of Sonoguard waterproofing for use on a box gutter that we were sealing in Jersey City, NJ .

Time midday: Conditions bright , sunny , and cold.

His stature was that of a brute , about 250 pounds and 6 foot 3 inches tall. He was waiting to pick up some material for work that he was doing on his own. He seemed like a decent man with a huge smile that could light any room. We began chatting about roofing and I asked him how he came to being a roofer. He explained that he had been working for a man for several years and he learned the trade after he came from his homeland. He worked for this man but there was one thing he hated. He did not like being treated with disrespect.

On too many occasions the boss would call him a dumb ass,” hurry up you dumb ass, move it you dumb ass”. The boss would always laugh after saying this. At first this new immigrant did not understand the language and the comments were harmless. Slowly this new immigrant learned more about roofing and became a very valuable employee. The employee also learned english to some degree. There was a big change in the big man form a country far off where the standard of living was far less most Americans.

Change can bring respect and change can end respect.

This big man’s skills improved and so did his productivity. Something though did not change and that was the disrespect for the big man and his culture. He knew what the worlds and laughter meant after they spilled form the boss’s mouth. One day the big man had enough and he decided that he would give himself a raise. In fact one day when the boss was mocking him he decided the time had come to set this raise once and for all.

The boss rangled and ripped another “hurry up you dumb ass” . this big man finally what drove him into business and what he was willing to do if he heard “dumb ass” one more time.

The raise came and it would be final. That is correct this big man raised his hammer and decided that the boss was going to die right then and there, It did not matter how hard the big man worked to come to America. He had decided that this respect for himself had crossed the border. He decided to kill for his pride. He demanded his pay immediately. The boss knew he was serious by the universal language that could only be delivered by the eyes.

eyes photo respect

Eyes seeking revenge or respect, you decide

The only thing that saved the boss’s life was an OK I will pay you now to the big mans request.

This big man told me that he was definitely going to kill his boss. I told the big man welcome to the roofing industry you fit right in.

Now you know your newest competitor just looking for respect with a vengeance.




Tiny houses may not excite you but they excite me. I was recently having lunch with some hiking friends and we represent a market segment for Tiny houses. We are all aging and worried about our finances.  I find myself these days unable to keep up with the younger roofers, I mean it is time to respect these young men and give them all my knowledge and vision.

Coming soon the Tiny House revolution with lots of Tiny roofs.

These aging dreamers on the move looking for Tiny Houses

These aging dreamers on the move looking for Tiny Houses

One of my latest visions is what is coming for the unprepared baby boomer group. The non-savers and big gamblers that thought they would never get old. Reality is setting in and the scarmble has begun. Under the Tiny roof they will sit. The demand for Tiny Houses due  to these independent last minute dreamers will increase 300 % in the next 10 years, We will have a shortage of land and parking for the boom in Tiny Houses. Land developers better see what I see and see it soon because here comes the tsunami and demand for a new class of traveling retirees just trying to survive.

These Tiny Housers will redefine the American spirit and quest for independence. They will travel to where ever theey can park. Even though these Tiny Houses may really be their big coffins the Tiny Housers will not look back, they will jsy continue to rock and roll.

The best is start to plan for these Tiny Houses with Tiny roofs because a leak may end up right on the Tiny housers head .Time to think about making the entire roof a waterproof solar panel with slope. The base may be a complete waterproof membrane or maybe the solar panels may act as shingles.

more info: Tiny house blog

Green Roof and Garden

Green roofs an Urban dwellers experience.

For months I’ve informed my landlord on all the benefits of a green roof. Last year during a heavy rain season, the gutter pipe burst, flooding the entryway of my basement apartment. I woke up to find my living room three inches deep in rainwater and my landlord screaming at the sky in Spanish. “The pump, it was supposed to be strong!” he wept. We had to replace the floors, the area rug and some of my electronics.

The problem with living in an urban landscape is that most of our surface area is not at all absorbent. With our bricks and hard pavement, water runoff enters the sewer system all at once in great volume. The water levels down there rise and this is why during a rainstorm, the city begins to smell foul. Romantic movies forget to mention that unsavory detail as the urban couple runs out into the rain and kisses. If we had more green spaces, there would be no issue.

Anatomy of a Green Roof

A green roof retains water rather than deflect it onto the streets. Rainwater hits the vegetation, seeps into the engineered soil and like a gigantic sponge, it soaks up as much as it can hold. The rest leaks out through the drainage mat, and what isn’t lost gets used by the plants or evaporates back into the atmosphere. The water no longer goes to waste. Stability in the hydrologic cycle improves.

Zeckendorf Towers

At 14,000 square feet, the green roof at the Zeckendorf Towers wins the title of largest residential green roof in New York City. It was installed as an effort to alleviate the flooding that takes place in the Union Square Station every time there is a downpour. Mayor Bloomberg championed the NYC Green Infrastructure campaign that instigated this project.

US Postal Service Green Roof

USPS has the largest green roof in New York City at the Morgan Processing and Distribution Center. It saves them $30,000 each year in air conditioning costs because the vegetation on a green roof provides such effective thermal insulation.

Germany was the first place where green rooftops started springing up in the 1960s. The idea caught on with other countries and today we see the benefits of eco roofing all over America. A green roof doesn’t just catch water, but it grows vegetation, releases heat and filters the air. The inhabitants can appreciate clean air, new wildlife, cheaper power bills, less noise pollution and a whole wealth of benefits.

The environmental bonuses give us incentive to create more green spaces in our cities. Unfortunately, reinventing urban landscapes to build parks and community gardens isn’t always possible. But everyone with a home has a roof over his head and this is a great way to contribute.

Vegetation Roof

Green roofs do require occasional maintenance, but the level of maintenance is reasonably low. Fertilization will be required to keep the grass healthy and green. If you don’t care if it’s green or not, fertilization and maintenance can generally be ignored. It will be ugly, but it will still do the job in keeping basement dwellers like myself from drowning.

Having a pretty green roof like the ones in these photos has its paybacks, the most apparent being the beauty it brings into the community. Especially in the New York City area, we are severely lacking in the nature department. Whenever I go out to my Aunt’s farm in Port Murray, New Jersey, I am always overwhelmed by the abundance of greenery around me, as well as the novelty of seeing so much sky uninhibited by buildings and human infrastructure. Vegetation complements asphalt and concrete wonderfully. Together they create a modern and agreeable aesthetic. I want to breathe clean air like anyone else in this country and not have to sandbag my door every time it rains. So let’s band together and start taking the initiative to build greener rooftops for a healthier city.


Designing and Building Green roofs

 All in the city things are happening

First Day Roofing

I was asked to write about my first day roofing by my boss, Mark. I must admit I was a little embarrassed that I have not “blogged” before, being that I am 23 years old and in the generation that is suppose to be “ultra tech-savvy”. Regardless, there is a first time for everything, and my first day roofing is a good place to start. Having completed three years at Rutgers University working toward a computer science degree and having written countless papers, I anticipate this being a breeze.

I will share the experience of my first day roofing, however the journey leading to that day deserves equal attention.

The Journey

I have worked for a couple great construction companies that have taught me different trades and skills. The last one was a local framing company. It was short lived, however, and I was laid off in September of 2013 due to lack of available work. I decided to take the month of September off to relax before looking for another job. I became stir-crazy at the end of that month, and immediately started looking for a job with another construction company.

This is normally an easy task for me having a resume that is more impressive then most other 23 year olds. This time around, though, was much more difficult. All the companies I came into contact with either laughed in my face or told me they would “keep my number” and “contact me when there was work”. Having heard that so many times, I came to realize that’s just their way of getting out of saying “No” directly. I became desperate, looking on Craigslist every day and stopping at any construction site I passed to look for work. Finally, toward the middle of December, I read a post on craigslist searching for a roofer with a valid drivers license. I have a little roofing experience, and as long as you are solid with your general carpentry skills along with a nice serving of common sense, new skills can be picked up easily.

I replied to the ad at 4:15pm on a Tuesday evening and received a call in response around 5:00pm the same evening. I was immediately impressed with the response time. I suddenly became excited at the fact that someone actually read my resume and was interested so much in my skills that they responded to me immediately. Mark was on the other end of that phone call and having talked to him for approximately 10 minutes, I found him to be a very humble and respectful person. He hired me that instant, and that Wednesday would be my first day roofing for Real Roofers.

The First Day Roofing

The next day, I was exited that it was my first day roofing for Real Roofers. I was piked up by one of his workers, and the day began. The roofers that he has on his crew have been with the company for many years and I must admit, I was intimidated by this fact.
Everyone gets nervous their first day at a new job and my first day roofing was no exception. I was sent to my first job site, a medium-pitch timberline shingle roof that needed to be repaired. I was happy that this was my first assignment as the little roofing experience I have is with shingle roofs. The other roofer and I immediately began to work and settled into our own roles, almost as if he and I had worked together before. The day seemed to fly by with little to no problems. By the end of the day, Mark stopped by to inspect the work. He was happy with the work we had done, and even pulled me back up on the roof to teach me the finer points about properly laying timberline shingles to make them last the full 25-30 years, and the importance of safety on the roof. “Most accidents happen from the ladder sliding off of the roof while climbing,” he told me. “Always tie the ladder off and nail it to the roof”. It is advice like this that saves people from serious injury. Roofing requires a certain level of common sense. The very first thing I was taught about roofing was to ask yourself, “If I were a water droplet, where would I go?”. That question can be asked with every shingle or piece of flashing you install. The very last thing Mark told me before the day ended was to have pride in the work you perform. Who would want to hire a company who employs workers that have no pride in the work they do? Right then and there, I knew I was happy to work for this company.

Overall, I was very pleased with my first day roofing for Real Roofers and knew I would want to stick around for a long time.

So roofers drink, roof and die. Now we have Obamacare and I have a a secret about it.

But first a little of this besides roofers Obamacare


what pill will kill the obamacare or the roofer

what pill will kill the obamacare or the roofer

I put the roof on a Schering Plough pharmaceuticals facility in Lafayette, NJ in Northern NJ about thirty years ago. We were subcontractors for Mueller Roofing out of Phillipsburg , NJ. I was 22 and the rest of the crew was near the same age. When we arrived at the site the place smelled like a damn dog kennel and we could here dogs barking. We parked, put up the ladder and found a roof definitely needing replacement. There were six huge blowers on the roof that were venting out the building. The roof was a tear off , we were young and we were moving tail. I have always been thankful for the men I had the chance to work with. The building was full of barking beagles hundreds of them that wre guinea pigs for Heart disease testing. The smell on the roof was horrible. Now we know why Mueller a Union shop gave us this job. He might as well have just killed us then.
At the time I provided Health Insurance for the crew . The policies were reasonably priced and I took on the tab. (This was pretty amazing as we were scraping by for work and money was tight).

Fast forward thirty years later. Of an 8 man crew 4 are dead and 6 of us have had heart attacks. None of us have health insurance now, it has been just too expensive. It seems unfair that workers with such great pride in their skill have to go out of this world with not even decent health care. Now we are going to apply for Obamacare and we are expecting to get fleeced. With all respect from the President we have some inside information. One , the healthcare industry has already built into the system a two or three tier system. The insurance policies that pay a premium fee to doctors will get the best care. Others in these subsidized plans will get care at clinics. I know thai because I am experiencing it. We can all expect very little care if we are roofer quality. It really makes me want to quit this planet. You just know that we are getting the shaft, I have lung nodules and I just had a Heart Attack, my second heart attack. I just think people do not care. When  i put a roof on I care, and now I care so much screw it I am raising my prices. Thanks Obama  for thei roofers Obamacare the last few years of my life I will have a bit more cash and f…ing die.

Roofers Union responds

Just roofers angry let’s brawl




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